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Fingerprinting Services in Utah

Who needs fingerprinting?

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Many industries, state organizations, and license applications are required to undergo background checks as they deal with sensitive information or vulnerable communities. These background checks require fingerprints of the individual. Our LiveScan device will digitally scan your fingerprints and either submit them directly to the state of Utah or print them onto federally-approved FD-258 cards depending on your needs. Electronic fingerprints are now a breeze with Livescan technology. Embrace the speed and accuracy of Livescan fingerprinting near you in Utah.

There are many personal safety reasons to have copies of your fingerprints, as well. These include identity verification, child safety, and personal record keeping.

What is LiveScan?

LiveScan is a revolutionary fingerprinting device that will digitally scan fingerprints. This allows for digital submission or storing, as well as increased reliability of hard copy fingerprints to be better quality and free of smudges/smears. Our advanced technology captures detailed electronic fingerprints with precision and speed. It is also much cleaner! Our affordable LiveScan fingerprinting services make your fingerprints more accessible and reliable! Whether it is for ATF or NFA fingerprint cards, we have you covered.

Do I need to transmit my records or print them?

Our services will automatically submit your fingerprints to the state of Utah if you are submitting for a background check with the state. This is commonly requested of new employees of regulated industries, and your employer will give you an instruction sheet with specific codes and information to bring to your fingerprinting appointment.

Hard copy prints are for those applying for gun licensing, submitting their information to another state, or for personal reasons. These fingerprints are also done through LiveScan, but are then printed immediately onto FD-258 fingerprinting cards for you to take with you. Each hard copy scan includes two cards, with each additional card available for an extra fee.

What are Archiving Services?

Our commitment to accuracy and convenience means you can now have constant access to your electronic fingerprints. If you need fingerprinting often or would like to digitally store your fingerprints for future use, our state-of-the-art protective software will keep a record of your fingerprints and information for an annual fee. This includes unlimited submissions or prints of each individual stored in our archive. Unless archived, all data is deleted 30 days from your appointment.

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